At the University of Mississippi, I currently teach two classes in the Public Policy Leadership department. Below you can find the latest version of each syllabus.

PPL 212: Critical Thinking, Communication, and Public Policy (Fall 2019 syllabus)

PPL 300: Public Policy and Ethics (Fall 2019 syllabus)


In January of 2020, I will teach PHIL 328: Biomedical Ethics, as an honors course. The first part of the course will take place at the University of Mississippi, where students will learn the basics of biomedical ethics. Then we will travel to Washington, D.C. for a week to meet with policymakers, lobbyists, researchers, and more to discuss how bioethics bears on a variety of contemporary issues. More information about the course can be found here.


I am planning future courses on the philosophy of punishment and the philosophy of leadership, and I have constructed a reading list for a course on hypocrisy and moral standing. I also have syllabi for a course on free will and moral responsibility and for a course on ethical theory.


Before the University of Mississippi, I taught a variety of courses at Florida State University and the University of Florida:

  • Philosophy of Mind (FSU, Summer 2015)
  • Reasoning and Critical Thinking (FSU, Fall 2014 & Fall 2012)
  • Introduction to Philosophy (FSU, Summer 2014, Summer 2011)
  • Ethical Issues and Life Choices (FSU, Spring 2014, Summer 2013)
  • Contemporary Moral Issues (UF, Summer 2010)