About Me

I’m an assistant professor in the Department of Public Policy Leadership at the University of Mississippi. I earned my Ph.D. in philosophy at Florida State University in 2016. Before that, I received my MA in philosophy from the University of Florida.

As a philosopher in a multidisciplinary department, I work on both abstract philosophical questions as well as how those questions might impact public policy and leadership. On the more abstract side, I write about moral responsibility and the ethics of blame–especially what it takes to have the moral standing or entitlement to hold others accountable. I then apply those ideas to how leaders should behave and what public policies we should adopt in order to be consistent and maintain our moral integrity. You can read more about my research, and access copies of my published papers, here.

I love to discover new music and go to concerts, even though I’m getting a bit too old for the pits these days. At home, I’ll relax by playing piano, reading science fiction, or playing with my dog, Fennekin, who continues to insist that the ball should be thrown, but not taken from her mouth.

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